Marigold Cottage: A Haven of Peace and Beauty

"We respectfully acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which Marigold Cottage, Little Hartley stands, the Wiradjuri Aboriginal nation, and we pay our respects to Wiradjuri Elders past and present. We acknowledge the ongoing connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to the land, waters, and culture, and extend our respect to all Indigenous Australians."

Our Story

In Little Hartley, a village so small,
Nestled by the mountains, standing tall,
Marigold Cottage stands, serene and still,
A family-run haven, with a vision to fulfill.

Our dedicated hosts add a personal touch,
To make your stay comfortable and much,
Our vision is to encourage local fun,
And to share our family-run haven with everyone.

The garden blooms with marigolds bright,
A canvas of nature, that warms the sight.
Our vision is to grow a garden fair,
Accessible to all, with love and care.

A treehouse for children to laugh and play,
And a secret forest, for exploring all day.
Fruit trees to pick, for a tasty treat,
Bush tucker and sensory gardens, to meet.

Ornamental trees, to shade and delight,
A haven for all, to rest and take flight.
The garden, a canvas of nature's art,
With blooms so bright, they warm the heart.

And as we rest, we may just spy,
A family of kangaroos, hop by.
Their playful antics, so full of glee,
As they nibble on grass, wild and free.

Above them, native birds take flight,
Their sweet songs, a melody of delight.
In the distance, Mount York stands grand,
A sight to behold, a natural wonderland.

By the hearth, we gather and share,
In its warm embrace, we feel no care.
A place to reminisce and find solace,
A cozy nook, that we embrace with grace.

Outside, the pond glistens in the sun,
Ducks and geese, frolic and have fun.
Their quacks and honks, a lively sound,
In this serene place, they run around.

In our neighbor's yard, we hear a hum,
A herd of alpacas, that make us feel welcome.
Their gentle bleats, a music to the soul,
Reminding us of life's simple goal.

This cottage was created, in memory of our little boy, Neil,
Who loved the Blue Mountains with joy, we feel.
We made this place to honor him,
A space for all, even with mobility slim.

Neil was in a wheelchair, and loved furry friends,
But accommodations were scarce, making travel tough to contend.
So, we created Marigold Cottage, for all to share,
A place of beauty, peace, and care.

The morning sun, with its golden light,
Paints the cottage in a soft and warm delight.
The birds sing, a symphony of peace,
Bringing to the heart, a sense of ease.

Marigold Cottage, a gem of our own,
A place of tranquility, a heart's own throne.
Its embrace, a call to one and all,
To find rest and peace, from life's enthrall.

Oh, how our hearts ache, to travel there,
To find respite, and rest from all our care,
In Marigold Cottage, a family-run haven,
To find serenity, and to make our hearts whole.